Dungeons & Dragons Tiny Adventures

The primary ability is gained after generation 3. The advanced ability is gained after generation 10.

Cleric Lesser Healing Heals yourself for 4 HP, plus 2 HP per level (6 HP at 1st level, 8 at 2nd, etc.)
Consult Oracle See visions of the future. Tells you which ability the next 3 encounters will check OR fails saying 'Dexterity'.
Fighter Unstoppable +2 Strength, Damage Reduction 2 for [level] encounters
Bull Rush Gather your might and charge ahead. Goes straight to the next encounter and adds a +2 bonus to it. Does not rush to the final encounter, but still gives the bonus
Paladin Sacred Circle +3 Armor Class/vs Undead for 4 encounters
Celestial Charger Gallop past the next encounter. Entirely removes the next encounter from the adventure changing the total number of encounters required to complete the adventure. Works on story encounters, cannot be used on final encounter.
Ranger Jaws of the Wolf +2 Attack, +2 Dexterity for 5 encounters
Quickdraw Restock your potions mid-adventure. Equip two new potions during your adventure. NOTE: Retains the original 2 checkbox options and does not reset them to match the new potions selected.
Rogue Quick Fingers +3 Dexterity and +3 vs. Traps for 3 encounters
Pick Pockets Increase gold gained for 4 encounters. Amount of Gold gained for 4 encounters doubles. (Does not count towards final score)
Warlock Shadow Walk +3 Charisma and +3 Constitution and +3 vs Magic for 3 encounters
Dark One's Own Luck Raise the stakes for the next 3 encounters. Receive the maximum gold and/or damage. (Counts toward final score)
Warlord Stand Tough +3 Strength for 4 encounters, Remove and prevent penalties
Guide the Charge Increased maximum buffs from friends. Buff Cap 4 for 3 encounters.
Wizard Magic Missile +5 attack for 3 turns
Hallucinatory Item Make a random (non-potion, usable) item for the adventure. Lasts until adventure is over
Swordmage Silversteel Veil Take 10 on your next encounter
Glamor Blade Infuse your weapon with power. Doubles all stats on main hand weapon for 2 rounds.