Dungeons & Dragons Tiny Adventures

Everything my god needs to say to you can be said with my weapon.

In secret temples, orders of esoteric warriors train their initiates in ancient traditions long ago forbidden and forgotten by the outside world. Their champions are avengers?deadly weapons guided by the hands of their gods, imbued with fearsome divine powers. In battle, avengers execute the vengeance of their god by focusing their deadly might on a single enemy at a time.

Unlocked after retiring 10th Generation character.

Primary Stat: Wisdom. Hit Points gained per level: 6.

Weapon Proficiencies[]

Sword, Axe, Dagger, Holy Symbol, Dual-wield

Armor Proficiencies[]

Light Armor

Special Ability[]

Special Ability is gained after retiring your third character. It is usable once per adventure.

River of Life: Heals 3 HP plus 3 HP after each of the next 5 encounters. Currently does not heal the initial 3 HP.

Advanced Ability[]

Advanced Ability is gained after retiring your sixth character. It is usable once per adventure.

Avenging Echo: +5 on the encounter after the next failed encounter (within 6 encounters). Currently, this only works if the very next encounter is a failure; the character will receive a +5 bonus for the following six encounters after this failure.