Dungeons & Dragons Tiny Adventures
SunlessCitadel Difficulty: Level 8
The sun may be out, but the residents of Brightspire Castle cannot see it -- a soul-crushing gloom plagues them. The king of Brightspire has sent word to all neighboring kingdoms asking if anyone can come through the surrounding forest and bring the light back to his sunless castle.

Total Adventure Time: 2 Hrs 5 Mins 35 Secs


The adventure begins . . . 0:10
NAME hitched a ride with traveling merchants and was dropped off at the edge of Brightleaf Forest. Even this once vibrant and peaceful wood seemed darker and foreboding.
Encounter 1: Forest 10:50
Attack Bonus and Armor Class checks occur more often in the Forest.
Encounter 2: Forest 7:35
Encounter 3: Forest 16:15
Encounter 4: Forest 13:00
Encounter 5: Forest 10:50
Encounter 6: Story Encounter 10:50
Attack Bonus check with a difficulty of 26.
The adventure continues . . . 0:10
As he/she approached the castle, NAME noticed that the grounds were somewhat overgrown.
Encounter 7: Castle 2:10
Armor Class and Wisdom checks occur more often in the Castle.
Encounter 8: Castle 10:50
Encounter 9: Castle 9:45
Encounter 10: Castle 14:05
Encounter 11: Castle 9:45
The adventure continues . . . 0:10
NAME spotted a twig blight that had escaped him/her in the forest. It was scuttling down an unlit corridor in a vacant part of the castle.
Encounter 12: Final Encounter 10:50
Charisma check with a difficulty of 19.
Story Encounter 1 Text
Success Results Failure Results

The forest was full of rustling leaves and swaying branches. The problems began when the leaves and branches attacked. Three twig blights assaulted NAME with their sharp branches and foul rotting roots.

They were a squirrely bunch, but NAME kicked one into another and, once they were entangled, they stopped moving around so quickly. He/She ATTACKED the pair, finishing them off. Seeing this, the third one vanished back into the woods.
  • 133 XP
  • 70-133 gold
NAME kicked and hacked at the twiglets, but they were awfully hard to hit. They were in a taunting mood and, after several minutes of harassment, they disappeared back into the woods.
  • 8-16 damage
  • 40 XP
Final Encounter Text
Success Results Failure Results

In the unused recesses of the castle, NAME came upon a series of chambers used for an elaborate ritual. In the last of these stood a druid wearing a cloak of vines that writhed with startling vigor. He turned and spoke, "Who disturbs the great Belak, reclaimer of lost forests?"

NAME told the truth, and carefully chose his/her words so as not to upset the druid. He/She learned that the druid was trying to reforest areas that had been blighted by evil, but the druid himself had been muddled by a backfired spell and was mistakenly trying to reforest this castle. Also, he used the wrong magic circles, and put a curse on the castle instead of just helping trees grow. With the help of the castle's resident wizard the druid's mind was cleared and the curse lifted. The king gave NAME a generous reward. NAME demanded the druid stop cursing the castle with evil spells. The druid argued he was doing no such thing -- that he was somehow curing a blighted land of evil -- he made less sense with each passing sentence. Eventually NAME and the druid came to blows. Although NAME defeated the druid, the magic symbols in the other rooms could not be undone. The king was disappointed, and NAME later heard that the druid had escaped custody.
  • 5-19 damage
  • 98 XP
  • 53-82 gold

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