Dungeons & Dragons Tiny Adventures
City Beneath the Streets Difficulty: Level 2
A rash of crimes has led the city watch to the sewers, and there they discovered the entrance to an ancient dwarven city. The dangerous ruins have claimed six lives, and the guards still don't know who -- or what -- is behind the crimes.

Total adventure time: 1h 5 minutes


The adventure begins . . . 0:10
NAME headed down through the sewers (yuck!) and into the ancient city.
Encounter 1: Dungeon 7:35
Attack Bonus and Intelligence checks occur more often in the Dungeon.
Encounter 2: Dungeon 13:00
Encounter 3: Dungeon 9:45
Encounter 4: Dungeon 10:50
Encounter 5: Dungeon
Encounter 6: Final Encounter 13:00
Charisma check with a difficulty of 14.
Encounter 6: Final Encounter Text
Success Results Failure Results

NAME entered a room glittering with treasures. It was an odd assortment of jewelry, art, and furniture. While NAME was poking through things, a dwarf and halfling came into the room laden with heavy sacks. The nefarious-looking pair set their jingling burdens down and wiped their brows. They must be behind the crimes beneath the city streets. They looked up and stared at NAME in surprise.

Thinking fast, NAME began rebuking the guards for putting the treasure in the wrong place. At first they were stunned and perhaps suspicious, but NAME's commanding air soon convinced them that he/she was somehow their boss. He/She marched them straight up to the city guards -- who arrested them and presented NAME with a hefty reward!
  • 130 XP
  • 39-62 gold
Thinking fast, NAME began rebuking the thieves for putting the treasure in the wrong place. They didn't buy a single word of it and charged NAME, drawing their swords. S/he hightailed it out of there -- but not before grabbing a few coins.
  • 44 XP
  • 10-13 gold

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