Dungeons & Dragons Tiny Adventures
HallOfTheFireGiantKing Difficulty: Level 9
The east wing of the enormous castle beyond Hornfang Forest has been recently remodeled. Unfortunately this remodeling seems to have disturbed something sinister. There have been increasingly frequent reports of strange echoing sounds coming from that wing. Adventurers have been invited to come solve the problem and be rewarded if they do.

Total adventure time: 2h 8 minutes


The adventure begins . . . 0:10
NAME took a shortcut through Hornfang Forest to save some time.

Encounter 1: Forest 7:50
Attack Bonus and Armor Class checks occur more often in the Forest.
Encounter 2: Forest 10:50
Encounter 3: Forest 15:10
Encounter 4: Forest 11:55
Encounter 5: Forest 7:45
Encounter 6: Forest 9:45
The adventure continues . . . 0:10
NAME joined the short line of adventurers taking their turn to enter the castle and search for the cause of the problem.
Encounter 7: Castle 6:30
Armor Class and Wisdom checks occur more often in the Castle.
Encounter 8: Castle 10:50
Encounter 9: Castle 5:25
Encounter 10: Castle 13:00
Encounter 11: Castle 10:50
Encounter 12: Castle 9:45
The adventure continues . . . 0:10
NAME heard a deep throaty laugh echoing through an otherwise deserted hall. In the third room he/she checked, NAME was startled to see a giant visage floating above the dining room table. It laughed again and said "Puny human, you have angered the spirits of this castle. Begone!"
Encounter 13: Final Encounter 7:35
Armor Class (Giants) check with a difficulty of 36.
Encounter Text
Success Results Failure Results
A thorough inspection of the room revealed one of the pictures had its eyes cut out. NAME took the picture off the wall and climbed through the rather large hole behind it into the next room. There he/she discovered a fire giant crouched in the room, barely fitting beneath the ceiling. Apparently it was casting an illusion of itself to haunt the castle.
NAME entered the room and was swatted away by the giant. His/Her armor protected her/him from the blow, but he/she realized that he/she wasn't going to move this giant alone. NAME ran to get the guards. A wall had to be removed, but NAME was given the reward and the giant was punished. NAME attacked boldly. He/She attempted to dodge the giant's enormous hand, but soon found himself/herself swept into a corner of the room with three other adventurers, trapped behind the giant's left knee. He/She tore a large gold button off the giant's shoe, but remained trapped until another adventurer found the giant and ran to the guards for help.
  • 7-18 damage
  • 98 XP
  • 56-91 gold

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