Dungeons & Dragons Tiny Adventures

"You'll have to deal with me first, dragon!"

Fighters are determined combat adepts trained to protect the other members of their adventuring groups. Fighters define the front line by bashing and slicing foes into submission while reflecting enemy attacks through the use of heavy armor. Fighters draw weapons for gold, for glory, for duty, and for the mere joy of unrestrained martial exercise.

Primary Stat: Strength. Hit Points gained per level: 6.

Weapon Proficiencies[]

Sword, Mace, Axe, and Dagger

Armor Proficiencies[]

Heavy Armor and Shield

Special Ability[]

Special Ability is gained after retiring your third character. It is usable once per adventure.

Unstoppable: +2 Strength, Damage Reduction 2 for [level] encounters

Advanced Ability[]

Advanced Ability is gained after retiring your sixth character. It is usable once per adventure.

Bull Rush: Gather your might and charge ahead. Goes straight to the next encounter and adds a +2 bonus to it. Does not rush to the final encounter, but still gives the bonus.

Starting Stats[]

              Male   Female
Strength:      18      16
Constitution:  12      16	
Dexterity:     14      10	
Intelligence:  10      10
Wisdom:        11      16
Charisma:      15      11	
Hit Points:    27      31
Armor Class:   10      10	
Attack Bonus:   4       3

Bonus at Level 4:  +1 STR, +1 WIS
Bonus at Level 8:  +1 STR, +1 CHA