Dungeons & Dragons Tiny Adventures
FortressoftheFireLord Difficulty: Level 5
The dwarf tyrant known as the Fire Lord has thrown open the doors of his volcano fortress. He's dared any who desire his crown to come and take it. Many have crossed the fiery moat and heard the boom of the iron gates closing behind them, but each time they reopen, it's always the Fire Lord heaving them apart. Is NAME strong enough to meet the Fire Lord's challenge and end his threats to the people in the volcano's shadow?

Total adventure time: 1h 57 minutes


The adventure begins . . . 0:10
NAME headed to the castle to gather information about the dwarf tyrant.

Encounter 1: Castle 8:40
Armor Class and Wisdom checks occur more often in the Castle.
Encounter 2: Castle 11:55
The adventure continues . . . 0:10
Once NAME had gathered enough information about the Fire Lord, he/she entered the forest at the foot of the volcano.
Encounter 3: Forest 8:40
Attack Bonus and Armor Class checks occur more often in the Forest.
Encounter 4: Forest 11:55
Encounter 5: Forest 8:40
The adventure continues . . . 0:10
NAME forged into the mountain passes toward the Fire Lord's volcano fortress.
Encounter 6: Mountain 7:35
Dexterity and Strength checks occur more often in the Mountain.
Encounter 7: Mountain 10:50
Encounter 8: Mountain 13:00
The adventure continues . . . 0:10
NAME crossed the fiery moat and heard the boom of the iron gates closing behind him/her.
Encounter 9: Dungeon 11:55
Attack Bonus and Intelligence checks occur more often in the Dungeon.
Encounter 10: Dungeon 7:35
Encounter 11: Final Encounter 15:10
Attack Bonus check with a difficulty of 21.
Final Encounter Text
Success Results Failure Results

The Dwarf lord was having a good time tossing a variety of creatures into the lava pits of his volcano fortress. NAME readied his/her WEAPON and charged.

'NAME'ATTACKED the fire lord and then kicked him into the lava below. It was all too easy. NAME released the remaining prisoners and was rewarded for his/her heroism.
  • 196 XP
  • 120-195(max) gold
'NAME'ATTACKED in the general direction of the fire lord, but hit one of the slaves waiting to be thrown to their deaths instead. Oops. The dwarf tyrant laughed out loud as he tripped NAME into the lava pit. Luckily NAME landed on an outcropping just above the lethal lava. Singed and bruised, NAME used an old lava tube as an escape tunnel. At least he/she had the honor of being the first adventurer to come out of the iron gates alive.
  • 10-12 damage
  • 66 XP
  • 29-46 gold

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