Dungeons & Dragons Tiny Adventures
GatesOfFirestormPeak Difficulty: Level 7
Once a generation, the Dragon's Tear -- a peculiar comet -- appears in the sky overhead, and the gates of Blizzard Peak swing open. Now the Dragon's Tear once more flickers in the sky, and the glass gates on the mountainside beckon. Can NAME resist the lure of what waits beyond the portal?

Total Adventure Time: 2 Hrs 22 Mins 35 Secs


The adventure begins . . . 0:10
Sighting the Dragon's Tear in the night sky, NAME headed into the swamp.

Encounter 1: Swamp 13:00
Charisma and Intelligence checks occur more often in the Swamp.
Encounter 2: Swamp 10:50
The adventure continues . . . 0:10
On the border between the swamp and forest, several thin, almost skeletal figures danced around a flickering fire. They were adorned with bones and jewelry that rattled and clanked as they chanted and frolicked around the fire.
Encounter 3: Story Encounter 8:40
Attack Bonus check with a difficulty of 24.
Encounter 4: Forest 10:50
Attack Bonus and Armor Class checks occur more often in the Forest.
Encounter 5: Forest 6:30
The adventure continues . . . 0:10
NAME left the forest and entered more mountainous terrain.
Encounter 6: Mountain 10:50
Dexterity and Strength checks occur more often in the Mountain.
The adventure continues . . . 0:10
The gates were actually quite a bit lower on the mountain side than NAME expected, which might explain why they'd be so hard to find without the guidance of the Dragon's Tear. NAME passed through the glass gates and down into the underground city inside.
Encounter 7: Dungeon 9:45
Attack Bonus and Intelligence checks occur more often in the Dungeon.
Encounter 8: Dungeon 8:40
Encounter 9: Story Encounter 13:00
Charisma check with a difficulty of 17.
Encounter 10: Mountain 10:50
Encounter 11: Mountain 13:00
Encounter 12: Mountain 8:40
The adventure continues . . . 0:10
Three-quarters of the way up the mountain, there was cave with distinctively twisted rock formations around the entrance. NAME thought it must be the place the dark minions spoke of.
Encounter 13: Final Encounter 17:20
Intelligence (Magic) check with a difficulty of 18.
Story Encounter 3
Success Results Failure Results

NAME stepped on a stick, and the loud crack drew their attention. They whooped, hollered, and charged! As they raced toward him/her, he/she saw they weren't human at all! They were some kind of demonic half-humans from the elemental chaos.

After NAME'ATTACKED' the lot of them with his/her trusty WEAPON, he/she interrogated one. It didn't reveal much, but he/she learned that they served the Master of the Twisted Caverns beyond the gates of Blizzard Peak. Conveniently, NAME was already heading in that direction.
  • 125 XP
  • 67-112(max) gold
They gave NAME a bit of a beating, but he/she gave back almost as good as he/she got. By questioning one of them, he/she learned that they served the Master of the Twisted Caverns beyond the gates of Blizzard Peak. Conveniently, NAME was already heading in that direction.
  • 10-17 damage
  • 39 XP
  • 25-39 gold
Story Encounter 9
Success Results Failure Results

NAME saw a staircase leading up to the surface, but it was guarded by a mob of duergar. The dark dwarves opposed her/his passage and demanded to know what she/he was doing here.

NAME confidently told a story of adventure with plenty of fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, and miracles. Duergar are rarely charmed, but these dwarves had not heard such an exciting tale in so long they gladly let NAME pass. They even donated some gold to support her/his further adventures after she/he promised to come back and tell them more next year.
  • 132 XP
  • 73-112 gold
NAME tried to entertain them with a story, but accidentally put in too much kissing and not enough killing. The dwarves got bored and attacked. They chased NAME around for ten minutes before she/he was able to escape, slightly wounded, up the stairs into the light.
  • 5-12 damage
  • 46 XP
Final Encounter
Success Results Failure Results

A presumedly evil wizard was preparing a ritual, also presumedly evil. Magic circles covered the walls and floor of the cave. Jars of blood and other vile liquids stood on a wobbly looking table near the biggest circle -- which the Master of the Twisted Caverns was mere seconds away from finishing drawing.

NAME crept up to the table, grabbed a vile jar, and hurled it into the middle of the circle on the floor. He/She hastily tossed another at one wall and, as the wizard bellowed in rage at the ruination of his plans, NAME walked right up and knocked the wizard out with his/her WEAPON. Fearing the evils the ritual would bring upon the world (and having no idea what to do about it) NAME simply charged the wizard. The wizard turned and blasted NAME with a storm of magic missiles. Wounded, NAME reeled backward into the table. Jars of blood, pus, snot, and other disgusting things shattered, splattered, and flew everywhere. NAME was covered in eight kinds of gross, but so were the magic circles on the walls and floor. The spell was interrupted (for now) and NAME escaped alive after scooping up some valuable components.
  • 9-17 damage
  • 92 XP
  • 59-68 gold

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