Dungeons & Dragons Tiny Adventures
Heart of the Goblin King Difficulty: Level 2
The woods have always been rife with goblins, but they've been relatively harmless until recently. Now, no hunters or woodcutters are safe, and survivors of the goblins' attacks talk about their military efficiency. War is sure to come to all unless someone can get to the Goblin King's mountain lair and change his mind -- one way or the other.

Total adventure time: 1h 15 minutes


The adventure begins . . . 0:10
NAME gathered his/her gear and set off into the forest.

Encounter 1: Forest 8:40
Attack Bonus and Armor Class checks occur more often in the Forest.
Encounter 2: Forest 10:50
Encounter 3: Forest 9:45
Encounter 4: Forest 11:55
Encounter 5: Forest 10:50
Encounter 6: Forest 13:00
The adventure continues . . . 0:10
NAME cautiously approached a suspicious cave. When he/she saw a troop of goblin raiders march out he/she became confident that this was the lair of the goblin king.
Encounter 7: Final Encounter 9:45
Dexterity check with a difficulty of 14.
Encounter 7: Final Encounter
Success Results Failure Results

NAME snuck into the cave of the goblin king while the guard was asleep. The king was sitting on his sticks-and-stones throne, conversing with another goblin - likely a war advisor of some sort. Killing him would be pretty good, but embarrassing him first would be even better. NAME saw just how to do it too, while staring at his throne.

NAME ran up and, before the goblins could react, deftly snaked his/her hand between the sticks of the throne to a particular stone in the middle. When he/she yanked it out, the entire throne collapsed knocking both goblins to the floor. He/She ATTACKED the king and then ATTACKED the advisor too. For his/her next trick, he/she reclaimed what little loot the goblins had stolen and left them a note warning that even greater embarrassment and death would come to any future kings. For good measure, NAME pinned the heart of the dead king to the note.

NAME ran up and, before the goblins could react, attempted to reach between the sticks and pull the keystone rock out of the throne. Sadly his/her arm got caught. The goblin king's shock wore off, then turned to glee as he drew his rusty dagger. The advisor also came to his senses and the ensuing fight was not good for NAME. Eventually he/she got his/her arm free, grabbed some loot, and ran back to town to nurse his/her wounds.
  • 7-11 damage
  • 47 XP
  • 10-17 gold

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