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Loot Type: Light Armor

Loot Type: Light Armor

+3 Dexterity, +3 Charisma, +5 Armor Class and +3 vs. Magic

This shimmering chain shirt was bestowed upon an Eladrin prince who gave up his throne to dedicate his life to thwarting the followers of Lolth.

Buy for 5000 gold. Sell for 150 gold.

Methods of Obtaining
Adventure Terrain Check and Difficulty
Monster Isle Lake Charisma 18 (also obtainable through failing)
On the Shores of Despair Lake, Swamp Armor Class 37, Dexterity 19
Raid on Nightmare Castle/Temple of the Four Elements Swamp Intelligence 19
Cult of the Lizard God/Dungeon of Dread Dungeon Attack Bonus 32
Tower of Darkness Dungeon Charisma 20 (Traps)
Dungeon of Dread Story Armor Class 38 (Magic)
Cult of the Lizard God Story Attack Bonus 32
Adventure in the Forbidden City Lake Charisma 18 (also obtainable through failing)
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