Dungeons & Dragons Tiny Adventures

"I am the righteous shield of Moradin and a sword in his mighty hand! I fear no evil!"

Paladins are indomitable warriors who've pledged their prowess to something greater than themselves. Paladins smite enemies with divine authority, bolster the courage of nearby companions, and radiate as if a beacon of inextinguishable hope. Paladins are transfigured on the field of battle, exemplars of divine ethos in action.

Primary Stat: Strength. Hit Points gained per level: 6.

Weapon Proficiencies[]

Sword, Mace, Axe, Dagger, and Holy Symbol

Armor Proficiencies[]

Heavy Armor and Shield

Special Ability[]

Special Ability is gained after retiring your third character. It is usable once per adventure.

Sacred Circle: +3 Armor Class, +3 vs. Undead for 4 encounters

Advanced Ability[]

Advanced Ability is gained after retiring your sixth character. It is usable once per adventure.

Celestial Charger: Gallop past the next encounter. Entirely removes the next encounter from the adventure changing the total number of encounters required to complete the adventure. Works on story encounters, cannot be used on final encounter.