Dungeons & Dragons Tiny Adventures

We have now scales of War, with new items, new classes and new adventures:

Here´s one I did yesterday:

Devil’s Blood.

Devil's Mouth is rumbling again after centuries of dormancy. If it erupts the surrounding settlements will be razed by the lava flow. The volcano's instability is decades ahead of schedule. Perhaps the duergar living under the volcano are up to something.

Difficulty ; Level 3.


The adventure begins . . .
NAME made her way to the Twilight Woods. She saw smoke from Devil's Mouth rising into the sky on the other side of the trees.
1. Forest
2. Forest
3. Forest
The adventure continues . . .
Lord Garren of the Charred Keep has had a long feud with the duergar. NAME entered the keep hoping Garren could provide her with some useful information.
4. Castle
5. Castle
The adventure continues . . .
Lord Garren told NAME about a mountain pass that would led her right to the duergar enclave.
6. Mountain
7. Mountain
8. Mountain

Final Encounter: Dexterity bonus check with a difficulty of 19.
NAME entered the heart of Devil's Mouth. The heat was stifling. Lava flowed in rivers in every direction from a giant lake of fire at the center of the cavern. Standing at the edge of the lake was Kweela, a duegar theurge. Her hands raised above her head, infernal magic flowing from them into the fiery lake.