Dungeons & Dragons Tiny Adventures
SleeperintheTombofDreams Difficulty: Level 5
Strange cultists have stolen relics from clergy of the Raven Queen and taken them deep into their dungeon in the middle of the abandoned burial grounds of the Bloodstar Wars. The clerics aren't strong enough to reclaim them, but they must have the relics back before the eclipse. If they don't perform the ancient ritual with the relics before the moon crosses the sun, legend says that the Sleeper will awaken.

Total adventure time: 2h 9 minutes


The adventure begins . . . 0:10
NAME approached the misty, quiet burial grounds with some trepidation at first, having heard many tales of the horrors of the Bloodstar Wars. Then, thinking he/she is a hero, he/she mustered all his/her courage and strode boldly forth.
Encounter 1: Graveyard 8:40
Charisma and Strength checks occur more often in the Graveyard.
Encounter 2: Graveyard 11:55
Encounter 3: Graveyard 9:50
Encounter 4: Graveyard
The adventure continues . . . 0:10
Deep in the woods behind the graveyard is an ancient crypt -- tunnels below it seem to go on for miles.
Encounter 5: Dungeon 7:35
Attack Bonus and Intelligence checks occur more often in the Dungeon.
Encounter 6: Dungeon 13:00
Encounter 7: Dungeon 10:50
Encounter 8: Dungeon
Encounter 9: Dungeon
Encounter 10: Dungeon 10:50
Encounter 11: Dungeon
Encounter 12: Final Encounter
Charisma (Magic) check with a difficulty of 16.

Final Encounter Text
Success Results Failure Results

NAME climbed a stairway toward the sound of chanting. As she/he ascended the steps, blood began to rain down from above. Reaching the top step at a run, NAME found her/himself in a downpour of blood from holes in the ceiling. Cultists surrounding an open coffin drank in the blood. NAME didn't know what was going on, but the cultists held the relics she/he sought in their blood-slick hands.

NAME, dripping with blood, raised her/his hands above her/his head and began shouting in tongues. As she/he hoped, the cultists mistook her/him for an incarnation of their god. They dropped to their knees laying the relics at NAME's feet. NAME took the relics, increased the volume of her/his shouting, backed down the stairs. Before the cultists realized they had been duped NAME was well on her/his way back to town.
  • 194 XP
  • 114-187(max) gold
NAME mimicked the movements and chanting of the cultists hoping to fool them into thinking he/she was one of their own long enough to get close to the relics. It was clear that they were not fooled when they glared at NAME and changed the tone of their chanting. The blood covering NAME began to burn his/her skin and sting his/her eyes. He/She stumbled backward and fell backward over open space -- the stairs! After a bruising descent, NAME gathered himself/herself up and fled with a relic in hand.
  • 9-16 damage
  • 65 XP
  • 29-43 gold

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