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Terror in the Tomb City Difficulty: Level 3
The great city of Agamentar lives in the shadows of its dead. Graves cluster in alleys, mausoleums crouch amid homes, and sarcophagi loom from eaves like gargoyles. These honored dead are treated with reverence. Yet now terror stalks the streets of the Tomb City. The bodies of old friends have vanished. Do murdering tomb robbers skulk through the night, or have Agamentar's silent citizens found a way back from death?

Total adventure time: 1h 45 minutes


The adventure begins . . . 0:10
NAME hitched a ride with a merchant to the town of Agamentar. As soon as the merchant dropped off NAME he hurriedly drove his carriage away, too afraid to glance back even once.
Encounter 1: Graveyard 8:40
Charisma and Strength checks occur more often in the Graveyard.
Encounter 2: Graveyard 10:50
Encounter 3: Graveyard 14:05
Encounter 4: Graveyard 9:45
Encounter 5: Graveyard 7:35
Encounter 6: Graveyard ~11:00
Encounter 7: Graveyard 11:55
Encounter 8: Graveyard 8:40
Encounter 9: Graveyard ~8:00
Encounter 10: Final Encounter >11:55
Strength (Magic) check with a difficulty of 14.

Final Encounter Text
Success Results Failure Results

NAME almost believed the dead really were walking out of their tombs when he/she saw a small band of thieves open one of the sarcophagi. One of them, clearly a necromancer, began casting a spell. NAME had to assume it would turn the corpse into a zombie and needed to act fast.

NAME ran up behind the necromancer and hoisted the evil mage's thin body above his/her head. As the energies of the spell crackled on the mage's fingertips, NAME turned and threw the mage down a deep open sewer shaft. The other tomb robbers turned on him/her, but the will to fight had already drained out of them, and they went down easily. NAME closed the sarcophagus and collected the reward. NAME spotted an open sewer shaft behind the necromancer and charged, hoping to bull rush the mage into the sewers. Sadly, the necromancer stood his/her ground and the other thieves quickly entered the fray. NAME killed one, but then the necromancer completed his/her spell and the zombie rose. The mage and other thief took off into the night, leaving the zombie to deal with NAME. He/she defeated it and collected a portion of the reward for eliminating one of the grave robbers.
  • 6-12 damage
  • 58 XP
  • 24-28 gold

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