Dungeons & Dragons Tiny Adventures
The Vale of Shadows Difficulty: Level 6
Legend tells of the Vale of Shadows, a lush valley hidden in the mountains that holds a sacred pool with the power to make dreams reality. The Vale is considered a myth, but a delirious elf gave NAME a map before he died. It shows a secret path through the nearby mountains thought to be impassable. Does it lead to a place that can make all NAME's dreams come true, or will the journey be a nightmare?

Total adventure time: 2h 20 minutes


The adventure begins . . . 0:10
NAME headed into the mountains, carefully following the map the elf had given him/her.
Encounter 1: Mountain 8:40
Dexterity and Strength checks occur more often in the Mountain.
Encounter 2: Mountain 13:00
Encounter 3: Mountain 7:35
Encounter 4: Mountain 11:55
Encounter 5: Mountain 13:00
Encounter 6: Mountain 10:50
The adventure continues . . . 0:10
Cresting an incline in the narrow trail, NAME's breath was stolen by the sight of a verdant valley. Birdsong echoed up the cliff walls, and across the vale, a waterfall rushed from the mountains into open space, falling hundreds of feet. NAME thought the valley must be uninhabited, but then he/she spied a thin, gray line of smoke from a campfire.
Encounter 7: Forest 8:40
Attack Bonus and Armor Class checks occur more often in the Forest.
Encounter 8: Forest 11:55
Encounter 9: Forest 9:45
Encounter 10: Forest 10:50
Encounter 11: Forest 8:40
Encounter 12: Forest
Encounter 13: Final Encounter 15:10
Constitution check with a difficulty of 17.

Final Encounter Text
Success Results Failure Results

NAME reached the beautiful pool at last, its bottom glittering with stones polished by the crystal waters. He/She rushed to the water's edge and drank some water, thirsty after the long journey. It tasted sweet, and NAME was very sleepy. Thinking of the wonders the pool might bestow and longing to share them with friends at home, NAME slumbered.

NAME awoke in his bed. Had it all been a dream? He/She checked for the map and found it gone, but in its place was a huge handful of the polished stones from the pool -- gems!
  • 236 XP
  • 149-240(max) gold
NAME awoke on the side of the mountain, a headache pounding in her/his head. Above, was the peak of the trail that overlooked the valley. Someone must have dragged NAME out and tossed her/him off the trail. NAME climbed back up and looked for the valley, but it was gone! NAME must have fallen off the trail and dreamed the whole thing. At least in her/his searching, she/he uncovered a small cache of jewels.
  • 9-17 damage
  • 80 XP
  • 37-58 gold

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