Dungeons & Dragons Tiny Adventures
The Blood of Ravenloft Difficulty: Level 4
A vampire has been plaguing the neighboring town of Fallcrest. The townsfolk say it lurks in a castle near an old graveyard in the mountain above the town. Who will send this menace to a permanent grave?

Total adventure time: 1h 42 minutes


The adventure begins . . . 0:10
After questioning the townfolk, NAME headed up the mountain trail.
Encounter 1: Mountain 6:30
Dexterity and Strength checks occur more often in the Mountain.
Encounter 2: Mountain 10:50
Encounter 3: Mountain 13:00
Encounter 4: Mountain 13:00
The adventure continues . . . 0:10
The graveyard stretched before NAME. He/She could barely see a broken-down castle in the distance.
Encounter 5: Graveyard 10:50
Charisma and Strength checks occur more often in the Graveyard.
Encounter 6: Graveyard 8:40
Encounter 7: Graveyard 10:50
Encounter 8: Graveyard 9:45
The adventure continues . . . 0:10
NAME pushed open the heavy oaken door and entered the castle.
Encounter 9: Castle 15:10
Armor Class and Wisdom checks occur more often in the Castle.
Encounter 10: Castle 9:45
Encounter 11: Castle 10:50
The adventure continues . . . 0:10
NAME entered a ballroom that had once surely been grand. Cobwebs covered the columns, tables and chairs that lined the sides of the high-ceilinged room. The tables had all been clumsily shoved out of the center of the room, and there in the moonlight drifting through the broken windows, stood a tall figure clad all in black.
Encounter 12: Final Encounter 10:50
Wisdom (Undead) check with a difficulty of 15.

Final Encounter Text
Success Results Failure Results
The figure turned, red eyes flashing, and took a few elegant long-legged strides toward NAME. Its gaze fixed on him/her. As it spoke, NAME lost focus, the world grew dim, and he/she missed everything the vampire said.
In a rush of adrenaline and fear, NAME's mind suddenly cleared and he/she charged the vampire. While NAME didn't exactly kill the menace, he/she drove it off.
  • 191 XP
  • 101-162 gold
NAME came to the next morning, shivering on the ground outside the castle. Checking his/her neck for bite marks and finding none, he/she decided to take the silver doorknocker as compensation and return to town to heal up first. Hopefully someone will come take care of the vampire soon.
  • 4-15 damage
  • 62 XP
  • 27-42 gold

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