Dungeons & Dragons Tiny Adventures


Some of you may have seen my requests on Facebook and the forums there for help gathering data, and thanks to those have responded.

As many who lurk here, I have gotten fairly addicted to DD:TA, and have been an active user of the tools here and the Wiki.

As some have noticed, a few of the tools/data are somewhat out of date, and also have some gaps that can/should be filled.

So, I’ve been working on a pretty major overhaul that brings together from the ESSENTIALS thread:

4. D&D Tiny Adventures Final Encounter Calculator and Full Adventure Overview;
[6]. The Gregory Reelitz data; and
XX. The “Statistical Analysis” thread.

What I have come up with is a fairly detailed (I think) decision engine for DD:TA, its features include:

- Enhanced version of the “Final Encounter Calculator”:
x More classes
x Corrected data
x Equipment/Inventory management (and calculation)
x Easy use of friend buffs
x Easy “decision” engine for all story/final encounters (color coded)
x Decision engine for top-2 random encounters for each adventure [More data needed to make this better]
x Special callouts for “Shiv” encounters
- For helping to evaluate the best Characters & inherited equipment, a data comparison between the original data mentioned in the “Statistical Analysis” thread, that is enhanced:
x To reflect “actual data” from several sources
x To account for the major impact of Keywords
- Even with limited actual data, the early analysis has shown some fairly major conclusions:
x Rare encounters are truly rare (only about 2% of the encounters)
x Keyword encounters are fairly common (25% or so of random encounters)
x Magic and Traps Keywords are particularly powerful (as they occur almost as often as some stat checks and a +1 bonus to a keyword is worth +2 to a stat)

WHAT I NEED IS FIVE (5) or so BETA TESTERS who are good with Excel to kick the tires on the sheet and help make final tweaks. The only thing I ask is that the beta testers provide encounter character data for 1-2 characters (to caputre the basic data for each adventure takes about 2-3 mins.) If you are interested, please drop me a note on Facebook (to Anders Petersen) or erik_petersen1138@yahoo.com with:

- Your email
- What generation your character is at
- How often you play

Thanks in advance

(Erik) Anders Petersen