Dungeons & Dragons Tiny Adventures
WrathoftheOrcLord Difficulty: Level 3
The orcs caves deep in the forest used to be a fun place for adventurers to gain experience. Now the orc lord has begun inflicting his wrath on travelers and he has become a great threat to the good people in the world and must be dealt with.

Total adventure time: 1h 17 minutes


The adventure begins . . . 0:10
NAME strolls into the forest, headed for the dungeon of the orcs.
Encounter 1: Forest 10:50
Attack Bonus and Armor Class checks occur more often in the Forest.
Encounter 2: Forest 8:40
Encounter 3: Forest 11:55
The adventure continues . . . 0:10
NAME stormed into the dungeon of the orcs.
Encounter 4: Dungeon 6:30
Attack Bonus and Intelligence checks occur more often in the Dungeon.
Encounter 5: Dungeon 9:45
Encounter 6: Dungeon 10:50
Encounter 7: Dungeon 7:35
Encounter 8: Final Encounter 10:50
Constitution check with a difficulty of 14.

Final Encounter Text
Success Results Failure Results

NAME stormed into the throne room, only to find it empty. Suddenly, he/she heard the stomping of orcish feet and hid behind the throne. The orc lord and his entourage entered, laughing and joking about their last raid. The orc lord plopped himself down -- on the very throne NAME was hiding behind!

NAME waited patiently for the other orcs to leave the room and for the orc lord to fall asleep. He/She stepped out from behind the throne and ATTACKED the orc lord with his/her WEAPONTYPE until he was quite dead. Then NAME stole some loot and headed back to town to report his/her triumph to the people.
  • 160 XP
  • 63-105(max) gold
NAME waited patiently for the other orcs to leave the room, but fell asleep. When he/she awoke, the room was empty. NAME was almost too hungry to move, and practically crawled out of the dungeon without accomplishing his/her goal. At least there was a jeweled necklace on the floor of the throne room for NAME to take on the way out.
  • 55 XP
  • 15-24 gold

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